Space scene

Nothing special, just a little space scene which was quite fun making.

I wanted to create some kind of vintage/retro look as if it would be an illustration out of an old book.


thats real good man

I think you got the look down. But I really want to be closer to that space station.

this is real good, like the 70’s style

This is really good. I have one suggestion:

I think this would look a lot better as a widescreen shot. It would give a sense of volume and the vastness of space. It’s looks a little crowded right now, imo.

Thanks for the comments. I uploaded another version. I wish i could make it lood even more “used”. :smiley:

Nothing a photo editor can’t do!! Try diminishing color saturation and maybe contrast. You should get some results really easy.

I’m digging the widescreen version.

Now make a movie!