Space/ Sci-fi corridor.

I started biggest project for me (so far). Lots of modelling still to do, but here is what i done so far.

Very nice, what references did you use? Great level of detail already, love to see more…

that is awesome already, even without textures!

I like it. Very nice.

Yes, it appears that you have made a great start on this already! I was expecting to see another very straightforward corridor similar to Andrew Price’s tutorial, but instead was pleasantly surprised to see something more unique.
It reminds me a little bit of the ships from the Matrix films, although certainly somewhat different. Do you plan on texturing it as well?
Keep up the great work!

I dont know yet, much to model more.

This is looking really cool already. Are you planning on using this in an animation? I like how the different entrances have different shapes.

I need to remodel/retop some parts. For animation its too hi poly. And one question. Can i render volumetric lights without spotlamps (holo).