Space Setup

I’m working on a little demo for my cohorts at work, just a little asteroid shooter that when you hit the big one it explodes and reveals the message “Merry X-mas” (trying to generate some interest in Blender thru exposure … ;).

Got a few questions …

  1. I can’t seem to get the world star settings to work in game mode. Settings look fine in the preview window and in shaded mode I can see the stars. But when I go into texture mode and press P, all I get is a blue background. Am I missing something?

  2. As an alternative, I built a skybox with an star image I downloaded from NASA. It works well, but … I really need the box to follow the ship so you never run into the border. I’ve tried multiple parenting and location constraint options, but none of them seem to work. Any ideas?

  3. I want the meteors to move and rotate when the ship runs into them. I’ve set 0.0 gravity and reduced the velocity and rotational dampening, but they won’t rotate when I hit them. I’m trying to use the Bullet features for dynamics, but I must be setting something up wrong. Again, what am I missing?

Here’s the blend file - it’s definetly a work-in-progress. Many thanks to Chaser for the mouse control scripts embedded. Spent the better part of Saturday afternoon digging thru them so I could understand what was going on. Any info, insights, ideas would definitely be appreciated. Thanks!



Christmas.blend (376 KB)

1 and 2- world stars are not available in the GE- Try vertex parenting the skybox (select the skybox, and then the ship, as though you were going to do a normal parent setup, and then hit tab, add a single vertex at the ship’s center, and with that selected hit ctrl-p, still in edit mode) this makes the child follow position, but not rotation.

3-set the asteroids to rigid body, instead of just dynamic, in the physics pulldown.

It looks pretty nice so far, though I recommend making the ship also dynamic (though probably not rigid body, so i doesn’t spin out of control on collisions)- I don’t know about you, but when I’m controlling a spaceship I expect it to act like it’s in space, with no friction, so velocity is maintained.

hey man that looks really good!

Cpt O … TY TY TY …

Your suggestions worked like a charm. I knew there was a way to parent the sphere, but I just didn’t know how to do it. And the rigid body - bah! - I should have seen that … guess I was just too wraped up in in.

As for the dynamics, eventually I’m gonna develop a simulation that approaches reality from a collision, thrust, turn and drift perspective in space. But you’re right - for this little venture having the user spin out of control as a rigid is probably not a good idea :slight_smile:

Anyway … thanks!!! Appreciate the help …


Nice asteroids there buddy :smiley: