space ship 3d walk though help

I make a 5 deck space craft inside and out and I that the best way to veiw it as a whole would be to make a game were you walk though it. but I have some major problems. certain objects are compeletly invisable and others disepear at certain distances and the light on one deck affect all the other ones. if you can fix any of these of just have a general tip I would be greatful. I konw all of the are probuble stupide problems considering Ive only use the game engine aspect of blender for about a week.

“objects invisible” its probably a wrong “normals” problem?!
Select object(s) enter edit mode, do Ctrl-N to “recalculate normals”
It should work now.
"Objects disappearing with a certain, long I presume, distance?!
Select the camera, in the Editing window (F9), Camera PAnel, raise the
“Clipping - End:” to a much) higher value.
The light “problem”
Put the different decks ( and lights) in different layers.

When objects disappear you may want to change camera viewing distance from 100 to whatever suits you.
Are you using UV maps for texturing or blender materials? When using UV maps you may have to assign twoside function on it, or try recalculating normals or even flipping normals if that doesn’t work. Posting your blend file or screenshots would make it easier to help you.

p.s. OTO beat me to it… :slight_smile:

twoside function? how do you do that?

anyway, the game sounds fun, so be sure to let us play it some time or another!

When in UV select mode, press W and select twoside to show texture on both sides…

AH, thanks, ive been needing to know that for a long time.

ok that still didnt quit answer my question so heres the .blend

also keep in mind that this is sooo not compelet yet.

Um that is a link to the directory, which file are we to download to help?

Usually, after you upload the file at 4shared, then click on it and it goes to a new page where you get the url for that file only, and post that here.

Its more private for you, instead of giving us access to all your files.

I think I found it, it was uploaded today, the uss something? I will try to look at it tonight.

Wow, thats a cool ship. Did you model it all?

I few things I see right away:

When you use the camera, you want the inner most square to fill the view. That is when you view with the correct lense and the least distortion.

Make sure nothing in you scene is smaller than 1square unit. The GE has trouble with very small models. So whatever the smallest model in you seen is, make it take up the space of 1 square unit, and use that as your ruler for everything else.

When you first hit play, you should be able to see the shell to the right, however, you normals are all wonky. You need to first get them going all one direction, either in or out.

Right now they are facing some in and some out. Then you need to unwrap them to use texture and the other buttons, opaque etc. Then use texture view mode to see them.

Right now you are in solid mode.

Thats a start, its late and I need to go to bed.

Good luck will you let us play the finished game?

sorry about the download file, honestly I struggled just to put the other files in that folder. I thought the lone file out floating in space would be ovious by its name and location but I guess it wasnt.
I dont think the problem is normals because usually that causes wierd black streecks and also I tryed recalculating them outside and it did nothing. one thing I tryed that did help was joining all the object accept the character. but even that still had some see though problems. and, why is the floor on the third deck shaded black?
the camera is also an issue I what it to look like its a first person view and I cant get every thing to look far enough away with out making the view all fish eyed. how do I fix that.

Hello again
there’s many problems in your model…
Don’t use modifiers ( or apply before use the GE) specially the SubSurf one ( it
creates too many unnecessary polys)
Keep in mind that when you make a ceiling, it can’t be the floor of the upper
level, unless you use the “TwoSide” button (not recommended)
The space ship is nice, but not needed to be…I mean, if you’ll not to show
it from the outside no need to model the “escape engines” for ex?!

Yes, Im a girl and finally got the uss, it didnt sound like a space ship, lol. Just upload the blend, then click on it in that list above the browse buttons, then when you get to them, just copy the download link and use that. It is very easy once you get used to it. Truly.

And if you want to upload a newer version of the same file, then go to that file, using the direct link, or click on it from the main list (as above).

When you get there, you can choose to browse and update that blend and it just replaces the old with the new from you hard drive. Makes it easy, because you dont have to change the link or anything. Get it?

the normals. when you click recalculate, it doesnt always make them all go to one side. It just flips them to the opposite of what they are. It doesnt know which is the outside.

YOu have to select by face each face pointing the wrong way and then click the button flip normals. Now they will all point to the correct side. Now you do recalculate normals, and it knows which is the outside, because they are all facing the same direction. And it fixes the normals.

When you have one dark or blackened face in an object, it means the normal is turned in instead of out. And you have to flip it then do the recalculate and it wont be black anymore.

Yes to what oto said. You can only see the side the normals are pointing to, if you are on the other side you will see nothing.

so a wall will have two face, one for one side and one for the opposite side. Just like in the real world.

You dont want to use twosided for anything other than alphas for bushes, and glass, things like that.

I didnt look enough at the file yet, but true if you have subsut on take it off. it doesnt work in the GE.

click the smooth instead that works, only not as much.

OK, I will look at the file again a little later today…

I just tried fliping the normals indevidually and it still didnt work. but i did find out that the entire object appears compelety and is shaded correctly if the character is literally touching it why would that be? even though I couldnt fix that I added more stuff to the first floor and here the file:
wow direct link and every thing!
as for the comment about modifiers I was planing on applying them later. and I dont care how many verts subsurface causes its just how I modle. also your question about why I moddled the outside this udate should ansewer that.
thank you for your suggestions so far eventhough they didnt work.

Ok, will look at it, good job on the link too… soon you will be explaining to the noobs. smile.

Ok, I looked at it for a while… If you just move the 3d to a view you like, so you can see the objects that dont show up in camera view? then just click play, you can see all the objects…

So it has to do with the camera… I changed the settings like a crazed person, and still havent an answer for you…

Its a weird thing, for certain… Add wierd thing to the first post title, maybe more people will look at it?

delete the old camera, add a new one!
im not sure if thatll work because i couldnd play the game for some odd reason, but it usually works! :wink:

Ok, got it.

I tried adding the new camera and had the same result. However, then I snapped the cursor to the camera, and deleted the camera.

Then I squashed the player on the z, a lot. in top view, I added the camera, and it went where the old had been. I rotated it into position, and selected the squished player, and did Ctrl-p and parented.

You can see everything now. So, I think the camera was too tangled in the player and for some reason you couldn’t see all the objects…

I have had my camera in an object or I should say, made the object the camera and couldnt see anything except grey…and you camera has the bottom in the player, kinda… but why can you see the walls of the ship and not anything else? Weird thing for sure.

I would love to know why this happend… I dont know who to ask either… but someone knows, lol.

Good luck