space ship battle

i am going to make a short film of a space ship battle for no reason but anyway here is a human ship one of 3 and there will be alien ones too critics and coments wanted.


minor update


Nice ship! cant wait for updates! but being me and me liking spaceships and all you want a few crits, well here goes: how big is this ship, you might want a bridge and any guns yet?

don’t listen to blah blah, his exaclty that, blah blah, :).
Looking good, keep going with it

huh? are you talking about me?

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ummm go have some coffe or somthing dont take this the wrong way but go sober up before you do somthing…silly

KOOL…I’m also planned to make space ships and sorts…GREAT.

We should cooperate to assemble a fleet :cool:

anyway is the weapons for that ship placed Internally ?

and what class of that ship ?

My classification of Combat Ship (for Both Space ship or water based)
1.FAC (Fast Attack Craft)
8.Advanced Battleship
9.Aircraft Carrier
11.Super Massive Battleship
12.Super Massive BattleCarrier
13.Battle Fortress
14.Super Massive Battle Fortress

pick one you feel suitable to describe your ship

RW-Ae-PD you got the cruiser and destroyer the wrong way round, destroyers are bigger than cruisers (in my opinion anway ;))
but if we are making a fleet can i help. please?

please dont let this thread die! it is a good idea!

wrong… a cruiser is much bigger than a destroyer… all a destroyer is is an armored frigate used to compliment cruisers and battleships… destroyers are pretty much useless

this looks really good :smiley:

all depends on opinion my freind…i always saw destroyers as bigger… (not to worry about anyways)

A major update made a new ship but need to add more detail and on my other ship i added guns and the basic idea of the short film is that the satalite thing voyager one is drifting in deep deep space and wanders near an alien planet and the alien capture it and learn about humans and dicover the positon of earth and there home world was destroyed by war and the entire species lives in orbit around there dead planet and they are looking for a new world to live on but have had no luck in looking until they find out about earth and check it out but they discover humans and plan to destroy the humans and take there planet.


Hey man. I’m loving the idea and all, and its looking great, really. But please, use some punctuation. I get tired when reading your sentences.

As for crits, some of your edges are a little too sharp. Try rounding some of them off. No edge in real life is that sharp.

Keep it up!

wow, you are learning to make ships faster than i did when i started. (that is probablly actually because i never took wikibooks) cant wait to see how this turns out. can i contribute a ship? if so i will start right away. what is your verticie average for a ship?

here is the final human ship. it is more of a giant cannon than a ship i will start on the alien ship soon need to add more detail.


The detail seem nice and artistic but I’m having trouble telling what function of some of it. Don’t get me wrong though, I think that the ships look very good. in my opinion any space ship thread is a good one! I can’t wait to see it textured.

I love your work it is really great, especially all the details you have made!!

I am, like TV Crash, very excited to see the material/texture!!

BUT: isn´t there going to be som small fast “fighters”/ ships??

I finished the big gun and thanks for reminding me about the little ships i need to make them.


i might have to warn you. small fighters can be fun but they can really…ummm…annoy you if you get it wrong