Space Ship Commercial (Corona)

First post here. This is the result of my blender-learning project, a fan fiction commercial for a fan fiction space ship of the star cititizen game-universe. Hope you enjoy!

Started with modelling the ship right after the first “table-in-a-room” tutorials two and a half years ago and since then it expanded more and more (more props, materials, animation…). It’s by far not perfect, but still, I’m quite happy with it. Constructive criticism and hints aprreciated :wink:


Nice animation, I like it :slight_smile:.
For feedback, you could add air drag effects when the ship is flying (like fog turbulences at the tip of the wings), it would greatly increase the speed effect and realism. In the same way you can also add turbulences to the thruster “flame” effect that are too rigid in my opinion.
Overall good work.

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Your animation and modelling are spot on in my optinion. Very good job.

Now, I think the Commercial is lacking a bit of interest. I would suggest you add some volumetric smoke effects, flame effects for the thruster, a bit of glare and some roughtness and normal maps for your ships. ( helps)
I hope I could help you

Very cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks, good points here. I was a bit too cautious with volumetrics maybee. Rendertimes and results didn’t match up, I’m a too much a noob in this field. Definately something to dig in for me.

I also think the textures are the weakest part in the commercial. The closeups are terrible clean. In the end: The same as I answered to Marcotto: good feedback from yours, much more to learn for me :sweat:. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Wow ! congratulations.its really difficult to carry out such a big project !
If I was you, you could add some turbulence in the spaceship fly and the thruster too.