Space Ship Engine Exhaust Help. Any Support Possible!

I have been scratching my head and followed every tutorial on YouTube, and I still can’t figure it out. My first idea was to have a fluid simulation where the fire would be colored, and I couldn’t figure that out, so I went to a smoke simulation where the smoke had an emission, again, to no avail. So I just decided to go to a last resort fakey, where I would have a gradient texture mixed with a transparent node, and I get this black on the end where it should be transparent. I would ABSOLUTELY APPRECIATE any help on this, and if you could, I would like to revert back to the whole fluid simulation concept. Also, this was one of my other tries for the exhaust, where it would be more of an object, rather than just a face wrapping around the engine.

I need any support possible.

You’re making a black->blue gradient, and then you’re making it half transparent. The black is still black-- it’s just half transparent black. And the way you have it, it’s the same transparency everywhere.

Create an invert node. Run your gradient texture’s fac into the invert’s color input. Run the invert’s color output into the fac of your mix shader node. That should give you something closer to what you want. (Alternatively, you could use a math node and subtract the fac from 1 to get the same thing the invert node will give you, or you could skip the invert and just flip the order of the mix shader’s inputs, or you could do any number of other things I guess…)

Additionally, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see some issues related to alpha sorting-- looks like you’re having those problems already, although it’s hard to tell from the pic given-- and you might consider changing your blend mode to Alpha Hashed.