Space Ship - HEAVILY wip

(valarking) #1 - 72k
Short flyby of my ship. Took approx 71 minutes to render because of mblur. That’s WITHOUT osa. Note however, this is VERY wip.

Any comments?

(stephen2002) #2

umm…intresting ship

Just a few comments…you have a lot of spinning things on there.

The spinning thing on the back looks like it passes though some stationary objects.

At this stage, that is the only thing that looks glareingly wrong with it. I would also like to know why the window on the front is blue. :-?

(valarking) #3

ah yes, i see, i’ll fix that. btw, what color should the window be? the ships in all the shows have blue windows. i dont wanna model a whole massive scale bridge type area inside.

(stephen2002) #4

strange, in star trek the little windows are usually white or yellow. I have never seen a ship with a window THAT big on the front. It seems like the window would cover several decks on a ship that size. But then again, I might be getting the scale wrong.

In star trek, when they get that close to the window they usually do it for a reason and have an interior.

If you don’t want to do an interior, I would just make it glow yellowish and also make it semi reflective.

(Goo) #5

Looks good. It looks sort of like the ship from 2001, Discovery was it… I couldn’t even tell that OSA wasn’t on. I’d suggest working on the tail end. Some stills of the ship would be nice. A very promising project.


(blengine) #6

very very cool, great motion… front end needs some tweaking, doesnt look up to par with the rest of the cool ship… great stuff

(S68) #7

Nice, looks very 2001 space odissey like :slight_smile: