Space Ship Help Needed (I'm New to It)

Hey guys i’ve got a basic princible ship designed and i’m having problems with things like basic design (rough/square like surfaces) also how would i begin to create textures for the ship. There are also gaps in some of the places and was wondering how i merge the surrounding objects together so that the gap disappears. Also is there a way to inport graphic files to be used as a texture (such as jpegs and gifs) and can they be applied to a single face rather than the whole ship.

Edit Here is the latest pic of the ship. How Do I add Engine glow and also sort out the textures a bit better? Also how would I go about making a flyby avi?

Here is the blender file if anyone would like to take a look and an image.

The process you’re asking about is called “UV Mapping” and its part of the very basic tutorials you’ll read about with a quick search of the forums. It would be to your benefit to click search at the top of the forums and use “UV Mapping tutorial” as a search term. Give it a shot and you’ll get lots of good info! :slight_smile:

Here’s the official tutorial base from the main site: there are some other things that you may find useful there as well!

UV Mapping? To get over the problem i moved the meshes closer together and parented the 2 nacels to the main body. Now for adding textures to the ship (whenever i try to UV Map them it just appears as a mess on the UV Screen)

There is a way to apply graphic files much in the same way that waterslide decals are applied to plastic models.

Generally you merge the two objects into one, enter edit mode, and tediously make edges and faces that bridge the gap, joining vertices between the two groups.

There is a Python script called “Loft-Bridge-Skin” that allegedly does this but I have not used it.

ok thanks very much. I’ve uploaded my ship now if anyone wants to take a look and tell me what i can do :). How would i add a different colour to a face cause whenever i try to colour the whole ship changes and not just the selected face. Also how would i split the ship up (in a way that it sticks together but has seperate pieces)

glad to see im not the only newbie who makes space ships, lol
and a way to change the color or add a texture/material to one particular face is explained in detail in this tutorial

and you can also see a full list of some very helpfull tutorails here

happy blending to you!

yeah I got it thanks very much :). Now all I gotta do is work on the windows, glow effects and add some sticky outy bits hehe. Anyone know how to do glow effects?

In my spaceship here:
the port holes are separate objects. They were given a material which was green. Then in the Shader tab, I set the “Emit” value to the max.

cool, thanks :D. What about engine glows? so u can see a hue reflection on the surrounding area?

You can either:

a) place a lamp just in front of the engine so that it illuminates it’s surroundings.


b) Increase the EMIT value of your engine glow material and turn on the RADIO button