Space ship interior inspired by Star Fall Drop Ship concept

So I think I’ve pretty much finished this one, I’m ok with the lighting was hoping if someone could help me improve it though :slight_smile: I am using AO of 12 distance factor 1 and a bunch of emission cubes and planes inside.

Do you guys think I should add more details or is this just enough? Kind of running out of ideas of what to put inside that won’t make the whole interior too crowded. Also have a bit of DOF in front so to bring the focus to the middle/back. Ahh I should have probably rendered a bigger version.

Inspired by this concept from deviantart


I like it. The details are enough to my.

Looove the modeling! Honestly I can’t think of much to improve, except perhaps the dof seems a bit too strong.

I like it also, but I have a comment. I looked at the concept and noticed it looks much more spacious. It would be great to see the doors or portholes that are on both sides. Looking at your image, the walls to either side, however have a steeper side angle, so I’m assuming maybe if you show the portholes, that the overall image will look narrow even though the seating is not covered by the wall. This is just an assumption. The concept art looks very comfortably spaced, so you should definitely try to get the spacing as close as possible. Every angle counts. Looks great so far though!

thanks guys!

wow that is really good how did you get the chairs out of focus?

oh its just the Depth of Field option at the bottom of the camera properties screen