space ship - it's been a while


it’s been a while (6 months+) since i’ve last been doing 3d so I thought i’d give it another shot.

any criticism appreciated :smiley:

It doesn’t look very air streamed to me… I would suggest a sleeker look.

Spaceships can be whatever size or shape you want, there is nothing to cause drag in space (or atleast, very, very little) once something is IN space it doesn’t need it. This would ofcourse include most spaceships. Because everybody knows that no spaceship desgnied to get out there and back again will be suitable (or even useful) for anything you WANT to do out there. But whacetever.

I like it, although the inside of the main engine seems a little strange, shouldn’t it be blocked out with Light from the jets?

I really like the style, although I would like to see more of it, more renders please?

The labeling seems to imply a personal craft scale - is this supposed to be actually Enterprise mammoth or X-wing scale?

Yea, I guess you’re right, there’s no real reason for sleekness in space, because there’s no air resistance… yea, it looks good to me too, and I agree with wefyb too, I would like to see more renders

Thanks for the comments, I am currently working on the engine and more images will be coming soon, it’s supposed to be relatively huge in scale, like a flying aircraft carrier.

Time for updates.

And I know, it looks better going than coming :stuck_out_tongue:

I would very much like to see the bridge as well. Anyway, the back plating sems to stick out like a sore thumb. Unless you are doing the rest of the ship like that, I wouldn’t use it. however, if you are going to use it, I’d bevel the edges a little bit. Speaking of which… how do people bevel in 2.5x without bevel?

needs textures :slight_smile: but the rest is great!

Thanks for the comments.

I’ve tried to make the edges beveled.

Somethign still doesn’t se4m right about those tiles. Not sure what though… maybe it would help to have a darker material underneath. I dunno.

Huh. It’s just me but the tiled bridge just dosen’t fit with the rest of the ship, which is smooth and sleek. Of course, that’s just my opinion. It’s awesome either way.
It’s better than anything I could come up with, THAT’S FOR SURE. XD