Space Ship Test Build(Cerbrez)

Just built this today in about 1.5 hrs, not rigged to aim or be in a game yet, and I still have to fill in the door and put a cockpit in it, and add some windows,


another pic, highlighted and lighted better


I like the look of the ship. However the lighting needs a lot of improvement - I would just set it up so we can see the model as well as possible (AO + a decent lighting rig + nodes if you really want, but not really necessary). Using a single lamp often creates shadows that hide lots of detail (and unfortunately rendering a dark image is a technique often used to cover up sloppy modeling). Try three spots angled toward the model and slightly above it, with an even gap between them like in the attached image, and set the energy to between 0.2 and 0.6. With AO or AAO with energy at 1.0 this will light it up nicely (If you don’t understand Ambient Occlusion it’s explained in detail in the manual (

Good luck.

I can barely make out any of the details of your model. The general shape looks kick ass, but it’s so dark it’s difficult to see anything else. Is the gamma on your monitor turned up? I’m just using the default settings of my LCD monitors.

I find the render really dark, and my monitor is a lot brighter than average by far.

Thanks for the advice, really makes it pop


Here is the wire mesh for the ship,and the pilot,


I recently showed a post of the pilot, changed render environment, and dialed down edge, and am starting to rigg


From the perspective you’ve taken its really hard to see the pilot, stick with dramatic views in the final render and just do generic oblique, top, down etc shots for the normal imagery. It makes life easier for those who want to critique.

I’m building a demo reel with this one, I already have a 33sec clip(where should I host it?) , and the inside of the ship is modeled and lighted, I am building the cockpit now,

the pilot will likely be in the ship soon, I’m rigging him first…

I am going to have an alien attempt to hijack the ship

and I have already done a top,front,side,perspective, rendering w/decent light, and a wire frame, what kind of shot are you looking for?

I’m not an animation person, but according to my friend Cuby (who is) Vimeo is a good place to upload video’s as it’s free, higher quality than youtube and possibly allows imbedding in the forum (I’m not sure on that though).

I have tried uploading to that site, but have run into connection throttling issues(at around 68% I always get a hung Mozilla window,

But I do have a shiny new Ao Render…

How stiff is the competition at B W c?


That’s harder to see than the original difficult to see picture

If you click the pic, it shows a full size, which is much easier to see, I have a 400 frame animation in the works, where the camera(with a maglight style wide beam light) does a fly by, and then enters the rear of the ship, and goes from deck to deck,
the stuff thats lit is whats bieng hit by in scene lights+enviroment

I have added suble details, like barrel rifling and an airlocked door,
and a seat in the cockpit, with a Ray transparent cockpit window,

I don’t know if people are afraid of lights or something but all I can see in this image is some stars and a few highlights. I can’t see your model at all.

I’m not particularly sure what it is you want to see, I can do another set of wires…

working on a Uv texture now


The problem is to most people the ship appears as straight black… I can barely see it and I’m on a macbook. If you turn the energy on your lamps up a bit (or increase the AO energy) we would be able to see it a lot easier and actually comment on it.

Perhaps he has the gamma set too high…
BluePrintRandom, it is not just dark- it is near black.
We simply cannot see it well.
If it was your intent to make it so dark, then so be it: I could only repeat what has been said.
However, a common problem when dealing with any visual content is that different monitors will display the same image very differently.

Give this a try:
There’s other tests and calibrations out there, depending on what you need, but that one spots brightness and contrast pretty good.
Again, it’s just a suggestion, but if that’s the cause (or even if it isn’t) it can save you lots of frustration.

Thx people, my gamma was way off(black was grey, and grey was white…

Here are some new shots with new textures/lighting

Having trouble unwrapping,

also how do I make it brighter inside the ship(ray depth is 10 already)
I tried env-map reflections and z-transp but it looked kinda cheesy…

still going through and fixing broken faces and ironing out transparency


The BWC competition is really heavy, if you want to take a gauge from the stuff that’s been posted so far for it.