Space Ship (Updated first post on 1/31/05)

This is my first Finished Project that I’ve posted so please be gentle. :smiley: I made this about 6 - 7 months ago and finally got around to joining here so I decided to post it. C & C welcome. I know it’s nothing great or anything but I like it ok. (the house on the right is mine)

Edit: A large number of people have noticed the lack of a shadow from the ship. Any other C & C besides the shadow issue?

Update: I’ve added a shadow with PSP 8.

Either it’s a photo or you modeled the whole thing from scratch or it’s composited so well you can’t tell between CG and real :o

The spaceship should be casting a shadow. You can use the sequence editor to add that :slight_smile:


Kansas_15: Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.

nikolatesla: I tried to get a shadow working but whenever I set up an only shadow plane I couldn’t get the shadow working without showing the edges of the plane. :frowning: I’ll try to dig up the .blend and add a shadow though. :smiley:

It looks very nice, though it looks a bit simple. what i suggest for the shadow is just doing it in Post Prodution…

And Kansas: It’s a photo with a rendered image on it. However, the ship is nice :slight_smile:

very nice dwarvenfury…as already mentioned a shadow would be nice…the gimp can do that but it is always nice to use the sequencer…the only problem i see is the pillar sticking out…the way you made the image it looks a little wrong with it like that…very good though! welcome to the community…check your inbox…i wrote you about something you should know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Prince: Do you mean that the ship looks too large to fit behind the mailbox? The mailbox was there when I took the picture. I guess the problem is the location that I added the ship. He, he, oops. :smiley:

no, the thing i am trying to express…something i always do is composition (not to be confused with artistic imaging) - this means that the image messes with the aesthetic senses and causes the picture to seem rather bizarre…a good artistic approach but i personally don’t like it…what i was explaining is that the mail box is sticking up “into” the spacecraft which causes the spacecraft to look as if it is behind the mailbox and within the grass area - something which couldn’t be possible judging by the proportions of the spacecraft…try putting the mailbox behind the spacecraft and you’ll get a better looking image…

personally i wouldn’t mess with redoing it all and just go on to another image…i’d love to see your avatar image fullsize! :wink:


Prince: I see what you mean now. Thanks for the crit, it’s something that I’ll keep in mind on the next image that I do.
p.s. Check your private messages for a larger pic of my avatar image.

Needs shadows.

Hey! You parked in your neighbor’s driveway! (Or on his lawn… :stuck_out_tongue: )

I like it. Good luck with the shadows.