Space Ship

(sten) #1

Kind of freezed project…but here is the product I made some month ago…

enjoy :smiley:

(ScottishPig) #2

Space-- right? The blue fyre (sic) out the back is pushing it forwards, but the stars are blurred vertically. That bewilders me. The texturing and modelling are very good. Likewise the lighting. Amazing.

(sten) #3

thanks thanks :stuck_out_tongue: , yeah I know I know…but it is a meteoric shower…or belt…so…that is what it is…

(SGT Squeaks) #4

I really like the design of the ship. Very Original.

(sten) #5

thanks friends…

wonder why not many comment this :stuck_out_tongue: ?? hehe

I would like to see those who can make better
content than I , concerning a space scenery :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ecks) #6

why are you posting this again? you post it sometime ago and you receive 2 or 3 page of comment on what to change or add. at the end it was pretty cool. But this one is the same as the other so why are you posting it?

(sten) #7

because this pic is not the same as those posted in the wip forum,
this is postprocessed in PS :stuck_out_tongue:

(Poju) #8

I like that desing, very smooth.

Lights and enviro coud be better tough.

Keep us posted

(blengine) #9

that is great ztonzy, the textures are so cool!..i love space pics so much!

(pofo) #10

Cool pic, looks like it’s flying in the rain.

Hmm… maybe I should put my mechlife entry out in space.

  1. pofo

(H-C) #11

Great space ship Ztonz i love it, the Hyper space on star trek kinda reminds me of it.

(emtilt) #12

How did you go about modeling it? It is very nice.