space ship...

I’m trying to design something original for a space craft. This is a sketch that I have come up with but I need to add some more detail. Hopefully this thread will help me to finish this project. Your comments are appreciated.

What kind of space ship is it going to be? (carrier, destroyer, cargo, ETC)

Its supposed to be a little of everything. I guess more cargo than weapons. It will be crewed by around an 8-10 crew so not huge.

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Nice looking sketch… though I personally feel that it looks bigger thana 8-10 crew members ship. Looks like one of those cargo ships with lots of defense turrets and several small scouts flying around.


Ok, I worked on it. Yeah, it does look a little big for a small crew. Does anyone know how x-warrior gets such a nice lighting effect on his Blender Wars tank picture? I’d like to know how that can be done. Hopefully this link will work better than the geocities one. I signed up for that photobucket but my registration hasn’t come yet.

Ok, forget this. Refer to the top post for the picture.

Looking good. As for the X-Warrior comment, if your talking about the noise/shadow, then go to the world buttons (F8 shortcut), and go to the tab that says ambient occlusion (amb occ). Turn it on. The more samples you have the less noise.

Good work.