Space ship

Here is a space ship I designed for a demoreel project I am doing with a few friends. What do you think?


needs more details. seams and suchs… especially if this is going on demoreel, it’s way too simple.


Sorry, but I have to agree with basse here. If you are making a demo reel, you had better put some top noth stuff on it. Especially if you are trying to sell yourself.

Details and good texturing are required to improve this to where it needs to be.


I agree as well, think of things like intake and exhaust vents, sensory arrays, running lights, just generic stuff like that can make it look a whole lot more impressive. Its a cool model though, nice lines :wink:

How would you suggest that I make it better??

Pretty sleek right now but I suggest carving it it make it look like it’s made of panels. Have islands of raised metal surrounded by small trenches.

Well I don’t think this needs that much more detail, it’s designed in a way where it isn’t supposed to show much detail. It’s a unique design that doesn’t try to copy all other typical space ships out there.

I think it’s good, however some of the curves look a bit ‘messy’ if you can imagine what I mean. :expressionless: I think you should refine the shape a bit more by evening out some of the more wild curves.

One other other thing I don’t like is the flat top, it just doesn’t fit with the rest of the model.

But I still think it’s good and it could look outstanding with some nice textures to add a bit of realism.

Yea, I was going for the sleek and stealthy fighter look. Guess I could add more details, but too many would kill the effect. I added a lot of details inside the cocpit though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your simple form is perfect. Anyway it’ needs interesting texture now.
It’ looks almost like pic. made with Virtua Light.

Althought i like it, like it is.