Space Ship

I work on a Space Ship middle category…


dang czechs… :smiley:

You guys always post links from .cz, that take forever to download, so I am writing this post while I wait, and suggesting hosting your images at

doh… the image never finished downloading, from the first 100 lines of render, I’d say it’s pretty cool.

Is it better?

yeh its better i like only thing i would say how to they know where they are going? i cant see any windows from this view well not clearly recognisable windows or port holes otherwise extremely nice ship i started one once but as always i couldn’t be bothered to end it was going to be in an aniamtion but never got round to completing it this looks worthwhile though


yes, thank you. :slight_smile:

I would suggest to work a bit on the hull material, currently it has that plastic look.

Little update…

There is no need for windows. Cameras and viewscreens work just as well. Just ask Captain Kirk. Perhaps a little less shine on the hull surface. Maybe some stars with a bit of haze. Otherwise it is looking fine.

Another point, the two redische cylinder like thingies in the back, they don’t see to drop any shadow, which makes them look odd, like pasted into the picture.

I think the windows are at least needed for scale. And it’s always more comfortable to look out a window than at a screen.

Looks very good to me, but perhaps needs a little noise/grain to match the background image.

looks really good so far.

imho you should add a simple cloud texture mapped very slightly to col and spec, if you do it right it won’t even be noticable but it will break up the plasticky look and increase realism.

Thaks all for reply…

I change the lighting and finished the two cylinder in back…
Not is too outshine?

Hey there. You made some great progress!
I really like the last rendering. In Space light and shadow are much “harder” because there is no atmosphere… so i really think the hard light is appropriate!

Very good work! I would personally do some work on the light blue lights near the back of the ship, they dont look natural to me, but thats just my opinion.

I must ask, how did you do such an amazing job on the planet? It’s really quite impressive.

YOur “plating texture”… try mapping it to “nor” also in materials button under the “map to” tab

the planet looks photo realalistic, i cant see a recognisable land masses so i assume it was not a photograph, how did you do it?

I change the lighting again…
Render with AO…

The bacground image is photo Earth from ISS…


Some lighting crits, your key light looks good and appears to be coming from the proper direction.

What you need to add is some low intensity blue light from the bottom right to simulate some GI from the planet light bounce and a bit of white light from the right to simulate starlight from space. Keep these low powered so they don’t overpower the scene.


wow, well done. I like the structure and design of the ship a lot. The scene seems to be well-composed. Keep up the godo work.

XrQLz :wink: