Space Ship

Attempting to model some sort of space ship. No references being used but i have an X-wing shape in mind. Only the side rockets so far. I’ll update soon.


Right now it looks like a really nifty missle or old-style rocket ship with more detail :slight_smile:

Heres an update.
Any comments welcome.
Not sure about the general shape thus far. Can anyone suggest a good way to mount the boosters to the main ship? I was thinking modelling a ‘U’ shape for them to sit in with brackets joined to the wing and main ship.
K, thnx for looking, ill update soon again.
Star Weaver: Thnx for that.


You call this ‘Newbie’? I think its looking very slick. Can’t wait for further updates.
About the boosters, you could model 2 ‘U’ rotated 90 degrees with a single main peice bolted onto the ships side.
Got any better views though?
BTW, where bouts are u located in NSW? I’m from Mascot.

No updates yet sorry. Working on it.
Digital Domain: Your from Mascot! Im North Sydney. We should hook up and to some Blending! :slight_smile: I took your advice with the mounts ill post an update in the morning, thnx for the comment.

Could we get an above perspective please? And perhaps a back one too?

It looks fine so far. Keep going…

Looks good so far :slight_smile:

Seriously, i’m so happy i registered with BlenderArtists, you guys really do keep the inspiration levels high, if you know what i mean. I really appreciate all comments.
Here are 3 more images. I have been working on the thrusters. I am aiming for the haul to be similar in detail to the thrusters. The rockets on the wing tips will be placed on the side of the haul in a ‘concussion missle-launcher’ and the wing tips will have lasers instead.
[email protected] always.
Thnx all.
EDIT: TV Crash- Is that 3rd image a better perspective? Let me know if i should render and more views.


No no! This is great! I wanted more perspective so that I could see the wings better.

Just another small update.
Replaced the rockets with lazers thats all.
The rockets on the side of the haul are temporary positioned for now.
K. Thats it for me tonight :slight_smile:
TVCRASH: Cool. I’ll probably be redoing the wings though. BTW, i like the texture you have used for your mountains.


A row of windows along the side would sure be nice. Like on a 747.

Just kidding, just kidding… :eyebrowlift:

I gotta say that the detailing on the engines is really nice. If you do the rest of the ship like that you’re going to have one heck of a piece of work there =)

Poly count might become a problem if you plan on animating it though.

Yup, this is coming along nicely :slight_smile:
Tiberon does have a point about the poly count though i think. But if your not animating it, just keep going with it.
My friends and i have regular LAN nights. If your interested i can let you know when the next one will be.
Cheers mate :slight_smile:

Very nice lasers! They’re so long and big that you could probably destroy your enemies simply by stabbing their ships with those lasers!
Thanks for the comment about my mountains.:smiley: I used a lot of bump maps and cloud textures.

Not really an update. Its just that i had so many things i wanted to say and share and now i’ve gone blank. I had quite a few insites as i was trying to tidy up the haul a bit with respect to having the correct attitude and progressing correctly and im not just talknig about my model. I realised many things. I just feel i have been going about things the wrong way. Im such a newb its not funny. Modelling really is quite a difficult thing to grasp. Anyway, i don’t know why im stressing out so i’ll just leave it there. Might have something to do with the fact my next door neighbor died today after a long fight with cancer.
JohnV1960: Im just glad your here. Can i ask how long you have been using Blender for?
Tiberon: Thnx alot for that comment. My comp is already starting to bog down on my kick ass 2.53 Ghz processor. Not.
digital_doamin: We have regular LAN nights too. Theres about 10 of us, depending on how many people you got we could join the clans:evilgrin: Might need a bigger house though! We’ll see what happens.
TV CRASH: I think it was the perspective in that last shot which made em look THAT big! Stabbing ships with my lazers…lol.
Thnx all


How long have I been using Blender? Gee… I couldn’t really say. I guess I’ve been doodling for about two years. Initially I made a lot of progress, but then I hit the intermediate-level wall. I’m not worried about that though… it’s just a way to pass time.

Um… your ship looks amazing… so just keep going. As I’ve said elsewhere, a good something is better than a perfect nothing.

nice…it definately reminds me of an x-wing

ooh, a weird looking X-Wing… :wink: nice… :slight_smile:

edit: darnit! tcrazy got to it before me… :frowning:

yup. great model :slight_smile: