space ship

more like a carrier actually,
i got the main shape done, time for greeble:((i´m terrible at greeble)
please let me know if the images are to dark:D


Cool. We both have the same topic names :slight_smile:
I must say, i really do like the shape of your ship. So its hollow inside? I can see other ships enjoying the galactic landing strip you have created. Will you be texturing this? Im curious to see where you go from here. Really great stuff.

wqow, that looks nice, i think im gonna build one.

here it is seen from the front

btw: are the stars ok


the stars are ok for the star feature, but because i wanna see this model get really nice, i am going to give you this…use it wisely my young apprentice :wink: [ folder/neb%20backdrop%201.blend]( folder/neb%20backdrop%201.blend) folder/neb%20backdrop%201.blend

and some stars if you need them

lol-thanks. it looks rly good. how´d you make the mesh so random

I wouldn’t worry about the stars ATM. You could always just find a nice space image on the web somewhere and use that of course. However, if you want to create your own star back ground, check out this link.

thanks. looks good. but ive got some crazy idea about doing the background with pure blender. it might make a good wallpaper though

it didn´t come out too good, but i figured that i´d post it anyway


hehe, lol. i guess its on the greebles for you next. i have a little tip for you: for mass cool looking detail just use bevel in specials menu and select some of those faces and extrude them inward.

another way to do detail by selecting faces you want to have detail (dont bevel), switch the pivot to individual centers, extrude individual centers and just extrude and scale.

added some details


small update. please tell me what you think


looking nice!!

Ship model is good. Lighting not so good.

@iliketosayblah: thanks!

@Anthony: in what way is the lighting bad?

if anyone has any ideas for greeble please let me know

greebles are fun to make…my top tip is to let your mind go wild!