space ship

hi guys here’s a wip for the blender gurru contest can you guy please critique on my work :eyebrowlift:

Looks good to me, nice design.
It’s difficult to critique a model if you don’t post a wire but it looks ok.
Keep adding more detail. Maybe bevel some of the edges a little, they look a bit too sharp.

Knowing the theme of the contest may help too.

The guy with the non dislexical friendly name just before me said what I wanted to post mostly. The edges are too sharp, bevel will help, and there is too much flat areas so you need more detail.

There is a very good video tutorial on how to add metal plate on a space ship hull on blender cookie.

It may help or not, but as it only take 6 min, it may be worth having a look at it.

@androol thnx for the tut yeah i was mainly concerned on the style and have put more details on like here.
@yup totally agree thnx

try adding some seams. make it look like plates that has been welded together.