Space Shooter Game Needing Artist

Hi guys,

I hope I am not terribly breaking any forum rules by this post but I dont have a clue about another place to find talented artists with modeling skills.

I am working on a space shooter game project named Xiiris Arcade. There is a demo available at Currently I am working an multiplayer version which will enable coop shooting away aliens. You will also be able to show your contempt to your fellow players with ion masers. The current problem is that I am really lacking artist in the project. So if any of you guys want to see their work come alive drop me an email at [email protected]. You make it and I will enable players to shoot it to pieces. Err deal?

Xiiris is a hobby project for the people involved but with professional touch (I think :)… I am doing design and programming for my day job too.

Tommi Laukkanen