Space shuttle - UV learning project

Okay… My first ever “ingame” model. Used space shuttle that has seen some action during its flights. I had to overcome many many problems during this.

First of all i had never really UV mapped anything like this… well anything really cept few faces and simple stuff.

Secondly few days ago i switched to Linux and have to use Gimp now. So i had to learn to use it too.

And here are the stats.
1272 Triangles @ 1024x1024px Texture

There are around 50 or more unneeded polygons around the engines. But i didnt realise i dont need them until i had textured the whole thing. :S

Anyway C&C welcome.

SWEET! I love the model and the texture…do you ever make anything that doesn’t look good?

Looks good, it would look better with some lighting that shows off all its curves.

actually the black areas look too smooth and GIMPy :slight_smile: |'m also not sure if the uvs have the same scale on the whole model -the front wingpart on the upper image looks quite low-res.
but still, good work

Needs to be a bit brighter. It looks cool but I can’t really see it very well.

Is anyone else having this problem? I recently got new monitor and i am very… very unsure about the B/C settings on it… :S

the model is good but i dont like the texture it looks very rough.

note, there is absolutely no AA / OSA on it.