Space Station/Astronaut

Hello. Thanks for having a look at my WIP. I’m working on an animation I expect will be done within a few months. I’ve started working on the window area on one of the modules. This was originally meant to be similar to Tranquility module, but I wanted to be more original in my model. It is not meant to be anything but inspired by the real design. Here is a view with it’s window protectors closed. Sometime tonight I will post a video of the mechanism used to open and close the window protectors. This module is an important part of the animation.


looks interesting. nice model.

Looks nice, I’m only wondering what the purpose are of these panels.

Modron, thanks for the comment.

LK, thanks for your comment as well. The retractable window protectors are designed to help protect the windows from micrometeorites. I’ve updated the title in the thread to reflect changes in design. This will be an original creative project.

Nice. I believe the panels could do with a solidify modifier, or a slightly stronger one if they already have it. Right now, they seem paper-thin.

Klutz, thanks for the comment. You are right on, I was trying to keep things manageable so I waited to add a solidify modifier. However, one of the included updated renders has a solidify modifier. I’m making progress. I want to use a texture for the rivets, as they add a considerable amount of verts, but I’m not very familiar with UV mapping. I still need to add an arm for the round window cover so it can be rigged to open. If anyone has any thoughts, please mention them here or on youtube. Newest renders:

Wow. I like it.

I’m glad you like it. Progress is going more slowly than I would like. Here is a new render. Comments?

I like it! Everything looks so precise. I really enjoyed the animation of the covers opening.

I am not entirely sure if the riveting on the surface is realistic. Looking at the ISS, I am seeing a lot of it looks like solid pieces wrapped in some sort of soft material, with hard panels and tubing mixed in. Of course, I am sure the riveting was an artistic design choice, but maybe if you could find a way to add some of that soft looking material (I wish I knew what the technical term was… insulation?) it might make a nice addition. Also some visible tubing might make a nice addition as well.

SC, Thank you for your comment. It is appreciated. I know what you’re saying about the actual ISS. I’ve looked at a lot of references to see that material you’re talking about. I don’t know what to call it either. I’m planning on adding some piping and a lot more details. I was planning on doing the detailing after I’ve modeled most of the modules. I don’t think I will keep the rivets but for now I will leave them as a placeholder. They seem so antiquated for the ISS. I still plan to make the solar panels and more structural framing. Then I need to finish my astronaut model and move to the next step. I’m trying to keep the total number of verts down to prevent any problems. I’m not trying to recreate the actual ISS but am trying for a design inspired by it. Again, thanks for replies.

Here’s an update. I’ve started detailing one of the modules.

it’s looking amazing so far.

it’s coming along nicely.

The details are looking great! Love the tubing! I cant wait to see this astronaut that you mentioned.

Artorious, thanks for the comment.

Modron, thank you for your input. I’m a little concerned about the scale of the project. I’m trying to keep everything under 1 million verts. But I still have to model the other modules and the trusses, which I expect will add a significant amount. I’m just glad I can do this in layers and my animation will for the most part have only some of the structure visible at one time.

Thanks. The astronaut is being put off for the time being. I plan to deal with him after the spacestation is more complete. I’ve not modeled many organic things before, so it is a challenge. I’m following your thread and am excited about seeing your finished result. It seems organic modeling comes much more easily to you than to me.

Here’s another update. The airlock is next.

I’ve added a few changes and started on the structural part that will hold the solar panels. I rendered with a little color because the animation will take place over Mars. I think next I might begin working on the astronaut again. I still plan on adding a couple of more modules I think. Here’s a render with windows open too.

I’ve resumed working on my astronaut. I’m going to have to change the title for this thread to include the astronauts progress

OK here’s another update. Before I finish rigging and weight painting I would like to get some feedback about the spacesuit. How about the proportions? I still have so many details to focus on like tools and harness etc but I want to make sure I get the basics down first. What you see with the wrinkles are due to a normal map which I’ve just applied for the first time. Also, I’m wanting to know a number others think is good for the vert count on a model that will be animated. Replies are appreciated.

Also, I’m having trouble in adding pockets. It seems the best way would be to add them directly onto the mesh and then weight paint? Thanks.

Here are a couple new renders.