Space Station rendering?

I had a quick question, I was going to try to set up a quick inside Space Station renderer. Usually Man made objects interiors (such as rooms and halls are very cubicle) Therefore I was wondering if there was a “Make Hollow” function, in which the inside of the “cube” would become a “room”. Does this function exist in Blender, or should I delete Vertexes insteador will that cause problems with the surface? Any advice would be appreciated it.

BlackManta :Z

There is no reason to make a make hollow script or function as all you have to do is put te camera inside the cube, and put a light in it, and there you go.

…although on some cases, you may need to flip the normals so they face inwards instead of outwards. Do this if the walls seem transparent from the inside.

or you can by default leave double sided checked therefore you have both sides rendering all the time, though it is better usually to have it off for reducing large pictures rendering times…