space station

Hello, this is a small animation of a rotating space station.
although there is a stationary part of the station in the middle

Nice looking work.

I know it doesn’t make sense from a distance standpoint but you might consider sizing up the planet slightly as the camera draws closer.

perhaps but that would be scientifically in accurate and also it was just a picture anyway, so that would have been tricky

I thought it looked great overall. maybe a lil more golden lighting for it to match that sun coloring behind it?

I think the video is cool. The model is great, but I think you should add more lighting from the sun behind the space station.

Actually i am working on a cooler space station. don´t feel like rendering for hours again. Actually it was a fast render job did not spend much efforts in tweaking though.

Well, I look at that, and I wonder, “why isn’t that quite photorealistic?” The space station itself is, but if you had a legit earth in there rather than a background it would make it perfect. The stillness of the earth is disturbing, even more so with the sun.

Well i think the model is ok, but could be better though, i guess when your working on something and finish it than latter you start seeing the mistakes in your model. for my other space station i will do a real earth, the thing is that i tried with this one but some how i could not seperate the glow effect of the earth and the space station.