Space station

I’ve recently finished this image and I wish to have some critics to it. It is my first big space scene, so there might be things that I should note to my next similar project. :slight_smile:

What I have already fixed after some comments. I have removed very huge amount of those drones. There was maybe over 200 of them, now the amount is way much less than what it was. xD

For bigger version, this link:


Nice job, looks pretty interesting with a fair amount of details in the station.
I feel as though the probes are a bit more like space debris atm rather than functioning.
Perhaps compositionally take a look at shots from films such as Gravity or even Star Wars, they try to tell the story in their shots as most of them have a purpose.

Maybe try different camera angles in the scene, or try arranging your probes like the astronauts in the picture as if they are returning to base. Hope this helps!
Keep up the good work!


Thank you very much of your comments! You are very much right. Actually the idea for the probes is that atm. they are not functioning very much. My ideology behind of them is that when a ship travels in a space, it has to collect lot of information. And when it is arriving to a solar system, they need to have information of the planet where they are going to. Maybe even years before. So they send maybe even millions of cheap and fast to produce probes before them to collect some data to send back to them. Then they can get the probes back when they arrive, or just leave them, because they are so cheap to produce in the ship.

But you are very much right. I could arrange them better. Now they are quite randomly lying around.