Space Suit Arms and Rig

I’m more of the coding/animation guy than a modeler, and I can’t model anything other than landscapes even if my life depended on it.

With that said, I need a set of astronaut’s arms that I can use in a first-person video game, akin to games like Skyrim. I do not want a whole body, just the arms. The arms should look like they’re from a white NASA space suit, chunky gloves and all, up to the shoulder for both (but no logos from any space organization. You can put American flag patches on it though).

The arms must be no more than 8000 triangles total, and the textures used don’t need to be Ultra HD, just 512 x 512 should suffice. The arms must also be rigged (fingers too) so that they act like real arms and I ask that the rigs for both arms be parented to a “spine” bone so that I can parent the armature to my already-existing first person setup. I also don’t need a metarig on this, just the armature bones are fine for me to animate.

Preferably I need it in 3-4 days, as this is for a school project due by Monday of the week of April 1st. Credit will be given for the model and rig.

Thanks to anyone who wants to help and if you need send a PM!

looking for someone to do a hemlet too if someone comes through for you lmk