Space Suit Help!

For a school project in science i have to do a brouchure on the 9 planets and i need to make a space suit in 3d in blender! And i need reference images of a space suit or a futurisic suit and im asking if anyone knows how i should start. Like should i box model the suit or what please give me your ideas and any good reference images!


modelling: use your favourite modelling technique. box modelling appears to be ok. use google image search for reference material.

I search for some reference pics but i didnt find anything good can someone please try to find a good reference pic for me i want sorta a futuristic biological suit


the first 8 pages of google image search are full of space suits - ok, the classicale ones the yankees used, but still. if you want something more futuristic and “biological”, search for pictures made by H.R. GIGER and combine the two styles. or create your own style, draw images of bio-suits, think, imagine, search, search search… by making such requests you give away the chance to create your “own” stuff. i don’t understand this.