Space Suit Ko

This is my first post! I thought I’d start out with a character I’ve been working on and off with for a couple months. I’ve been trying to practice hard surface so I thought I’d just make a project with a bunch of hard surface stuff. At this point she’s ready for rigging

I’m gonna add more images here I just need to gather them from my Onedrive


Welcome! Sometimes when working on something stylized some details can look realistic while others come out pretty flat, but it looks pretty solid so far, detail levels and materials all consistent.

The hard surface itself also looks good, you got an appealing silhouette that meshes well with the organic shapes. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! I struggle a lot with making things “too” detailed some times, so they end up looking gross, hahah. I’m looking forward to being more active here. Figure it beats throwing my stuff into the void that is twitter and instagram