Space Suit

I’ve been working on this suit model for a character in a short animation. The suit is too smooth for my taste I believe that I need to get sharper edges especially on the plated pieces, but it’s just getting started so any feedback about ways I could improve it would be great!

Looks pretty good! What’s the helmet going to look like? Also, if you’re looking for sharper edges, have you tried the edge-split modifier? It might be what you’re looking for.

Try edge split modifier and bevel modifier

Try edge split modifier and bevel modifier

Look at my suit, I used the edge split modifier

The helmet is still being debated at the moment though it seems to be leaning towards a cyber punk style. I will definitely try the edge split modifier, thanks!

Yeah I’ll give that a shot, the bevel modifier didn’t seem to help much, but perhaps paired with the edge split it’ll look better.