Space taken by Blender on Ubuntu 14.04

I have had to clean up my root drive on an ubuntu system 14.04 because running out of space.
Ok after I cleaned up the animation png and other stuff I still am missing 200GB space
Running the analyzer I found out that the Blender installation is taking around 200gb (see pic attached)
In the config directory they are many versions of Blender from 2.6 to 2.71.
My question is do I need these versions or can I delete at least the one before 2.70?
I use the ppa for the installation
Also as I did install it from the ppa, I can download the daily builds and just dump them in my working directory without having to do an install, so that’s a space saving if I can delete the other versions.
Thanks for letting me know what can be done


If you don´t use older versions delete them, they should only 5-600 KB big exept you have Cache BVH enabled in Render > Performance. Blender write all cache files in these folder and never delete them.
They look like “bvh_A217AD2397F00BC365B44F35D2A30D5D”.
This setting is obsolet since BVH building is multithreaded, don´t use it.
Even if you use unzipped Blender it writes in these folders.

Cheers, mib

Thanks @mib2berlin what you said makes sense… Thanks again

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