Space Tank

This is a model I’ve spent most of today working on. It’s supposed to be a Terran ship that’s much more advanced than anything now but still fairly crude. Obviously it looks a bit like a tank, I was shooting for a box-style that would later look good when I added the details to the hull (planning on filling the exterior hull with piping and random cubes/half-spheres for the detail).

The full ship:

A turret:

btw what’s the easiest way to make a 90 degree pipe piece? Trying to make the pipes for the hull but making the turn pieces is a pain.

Looking pretty good! Now its all about the details.

As for the pipes, I usually just extrude and rotate a bunch, then smooth. It takes a while, and you have to be careful to keep it even. I’d be interested in an easier method too.

An update:

Added some guns to give more of an idea of what it’ll look like when done. Still need to work on the hull and add the detailing. Suggestions are very welcome.

not a comment on the model itself but on the basic Idea of the space tank, whenever this thing would fire the recoil of it’s gun would send it spinning out of control, maybe you could add somethin that would counter this movement to the tank to make the design more credible

(if I’m derailing feel free to delete this)