Space taxi thing

Hey, I usually do not post my work here, so I kept it on DA for a while and forgot about it…
I know that the background and the rain thing effect suck, but at the time my computer wasn’t powerful enough for me to make something nicer for a background and particle rain. But that aside I’d like to know what you think and what can be improved.

Super cool!


but i think a dark background will be interesting

Very good, looks like something out of the dead space game

Visually, it looks quite good (better than I could do it anyway :)), but the composition doesn’t work very well in my opinion. When I first looked at the picture, I couldn’t understand exactly what the idea of the picture is for. There’s no story behind the image as far as I can tell by looking at it. Also, the lighting is good in itself, but it seems a bit sharp for an overcast day. I do like the glare effect around the lights on the taxi though.

Ain’t you going to build this thing in blender? Looks pretty cool as what could be a 3d model…Only my objection would be - looks too heavy to fly in atmosphere like that…

Wow, that looks more like a battleship or a colony then a taxi, lol. Great job though.

Yeah, I’d have to agree about the composition, at the time i just wanted to do a cool spaceship and didn’t really think of a story for it, so that may explain the lack of it :slight_smile:

That’s nice, but it’s super mishmash, and I have no idea how people would get graffiti on the side of a spaceship. I don’t think the satellite dishes should be pointing in all those directions, and if it’s a space taxi it’s probably not going to be carrying so many people as that (in other words it’s a bit big.) Overall, cool though.

I disagree with Err0L about it being negative that there’s no story behind it; there doesn’t need to be a story, it should be accepted for what it is.

Saying that, I love the touch of the smashed ‘Cleaner Future’ sign. It conjures up, for me, the idea of some sort of Wall-E type future where the Earth is a dump, and that sign is a indicator of failed actions to clean up the planet, taken in the past. That then makes me think that the ship is some really old model that is only being used because there is nothing else to use. Also, I think it makes sense the dishes pointing in all directions because if the ship is trying to receive signals, it needs to have good coverage.

I really like this piece, there’s something about it. If it wasn’t for that brilliant espresso that got recently posted in the Finished Projects forum, this would be my new desktop wallpaper. Keep it up. (Though I agree, how could people get graffiti and posters up there, :p.)

Thanks, and about the graffiti… I’ve seen some of them painted on the top floor of a five story building, so they can get anywhere (especially when the ship is docked). :slight_smile: