Following the link for the Big List o Tuts I found one that interested me, mentioning Starfield creation. Unfortunetly the link was quite dead.

As Im getting ready to begin new project that this would be perfect for Im wondering if anyone could provide me with either THAT tutorial or a simialr one which basically gives you idea on setting up a “space scene”

I did a search through the forums but there were way too may hits dealing with physical space rather than the Void. LOL

Were you thinking of making space ships, or more like pulsars, and gaseous bodies and stuff, or both?

Well TBH both, but for the purposes of the project just the stars and some gaseous bodies

For a star field get a star map (this is a good program to use:
Then map it to shere in blender select shadeless and voila!

Well that would work I guess if I was willing to pay for that plugin

in the world buttons you can get a half decent star creation with the star option in the world buttons. these settings work well.


And a good thing about stars is that they have there own place in 3d space, so it is like particles, but better!

It’s shareware and the only things you miss out on are some planet and lensflare effects

If your not thinking of doing an animation and if you’ve got photoshop/gimp then id suggest doig a starfield in 2d there are some really easy ways of doing stafields in photoshop, if think theres a tutorial on <<or something like that.

Heres one I did (earth in done blender)[/img]

Jedi: Unfortunetly if you download the plugin for Photoshop any image you create is plastered with a watermark.

I didnt download the standalone so Ill check that out.

Mesh: Yup. Thanks I know some tuts on that subject myself but Im trying to do this all in blender or at least as much as possible.
Blender should be able to do this.

Well Im workin on starlines here. The “hyper space” effect.
This test is almost as I want it. I simply want to make the lines longer, receeding away from the cam.
Longer streaks in other words.

Is this possible?

The best way that I can think of is to use particle effects. If you make a grid and make that a particle generator, you can get good results. Another thing you could do is to actually model the individual strip of light, and then tell your particle emitter to make Dupliverted Particles (there’s a toggle for it in the Anim Settings panel, and the particle emmiter will have to be a parent of the object you are going to duplicate).

Well the image I linked to IS using a particle system.

And I think I tried the duplivert set up but I apparently didnt do it right. Ill give it another shot.

Closer still. This is with Motion Blur set to 4.0