Space to atmosphere to ground trabsition...

(Ecks) #1

Ok well alot of you know I am making a 3d movie…The Exodus

I want, after a space battle, the camera to go inside the atmosphere of the planet then go in the battlefield of the ground battle. and I didn’t find any way of doing it…Do someone know how?
thank you

(KC0GRN) #2

I was thinking of doing a similar effects test shot. Bascially where the camera starts off in space, looking at a planet, then moving towards the planet, and entering the atmosphere, and then you would start to see the ground, etc until you’re finally on the surface.

Only trouble is, if you did that all in one shot, it would tend to get pretty complex, and the closer you get to the ground, the larger, higher resolution images you would need, and possibly some 3d terrain work, depending on if you’re actually going to end up on the ground.

Only thing I can think to help you is break up the scene where you can. One trick might be to start with one scene where you see the planet, enter the atmosphere, and try and add in enough clouds so you could convincingly stop that scene and add in your next one. The next one would be leaving the clouds, showing the land (with the larger texture) and getting closer to the land. I’m not sure if there’s a way you could cut into another scene where you’d start seeing the features (like mountains and whatnot) with 3d added to them, maybe if you’re good at it you could just match the two up.

Sounds like a cool idea though, hopefully I’ll ba able to see the results of yours.

(adyus) #3

i saw this done in a test movie somewhere and it looked pretty real:
start in space, and a s u get closer to earth change the scene exactly when the texture starts looking blocky, through some kind of flash-like “blink”. keep changing textures and flash-changing till you get to the final scene, where you should model all structures and/or battles

(croxis) #4

Something like this was done in a ep of Babylon 5, except they went from surface to space. Maybe you can add another step. As the cameral falls through the clouds you can switch the a more detailed scene (using the sequence editor of cource). And then maybe as the camera gets closer it can hit a bird or something and spin about for a moment. While the camera is pointing at the sky you could switch to another, more detailed scene. You can use the sun to your advantage for this.

Or, depending on your set, keep the camsra still but scale up the size of the planet with IPO curves

(Piraniac) #5

depending on the atmosphere, type of planet etc, you could use clouds to block the shot. So when you switch from textured to modelled terrain the camera is going through cloud so it isn’t noticable.