Space Trading (WIP)


I will try to make a simple Space Trading Simulation in Blender.
If somone doesnt know what that is, mb “X - beyond the Frontier” is a good reference.

The main goal about this is:
To finish a projekt(game).

About the Game in general:

There will be alot steps and updates to improve the quality,
but first of all i have to get all to work.

This is a very short information for now, but i dont have that much time right now.
however here is the Blend.

Edit1: Screenshots added:
pic1 = Outview.
pic2 = Layer2 with some different simple ships.
pic3 = the Docking-entrence.

greets Equal


ST-open.blend (417 KB)

Ok here is some Description and an Update:


For now there is the Space and in the center is a small place, those are just for orientation.

You have a little ship for now and the controlls are:

Pad 8 - DOWN
Pad 2 - UP
Pad 4 - LEFT
Pad 6 - RIGHT


Pad + - SLIDE UP

PageUP - Move faster
PageUP - Move slower

for now there are no limits like, Hey how can this ship slide to the left, without having installed boost there etc.

the Update from the last version is:

-Slower/Faster Move engine
-Some Collision improvements

Mb somone could help me to tell or show how do i have to set the Collision options so that the ship or other ships do properly bounce against any object.

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ST-open.blend (417 KB)

mrah! I’m on a laptop and don’t have a numpad! can you revise the controls for us laptop users? :slight_smile:

Update 0.02:

  • Added controlls as follow:

W - UP



faster/slower is only on Page UP and Page DOWN.

  • Added a Interface that shows the Speed of the Ship.
  • Limited Speed from -50% to 100%.
  • improved the accurate with collision.

greets Equal


ST-open.blend (436 KB)

looks cool, but the controls are a bit awkward. you might want to look into using the mouse to steer.

Update 0.05:

  • adjusted some speeds in the Slide and Higher/Lower controlls.
  • a Fire apears when the Hull reaches 0%, but this will be more imporved.
  • implemented the GLSL
  • added a Glass to the Centerbase (for simpler Collision)

For the Mouselook, it will be implemented in the next versions.

greets Equal


ST-open.blend (534 KB)

Update 0.12:

  • implemented and modified the Mouselook from the allknown from
  • improved the Death-progress all in all with Fire and little buggy Camera outzoom.
  • expanded the Speed +/- from PageUp/PageDown to MouseScrolls.

I think now about a very important point of the game,
Shall i make a Person? like u can jump out in form of an astronaut to survive and fly to next base and/or move inside your own ships or planets/bases, what would be very interesting if u archive a big carrier Ship. Or should i stay to the Basic? hm im not sure but its like i should go first for an Inventory System and some Docking ? System for Bases/Planets.

greets Equal

P.S.: comments are welcome.


ST-open.blend (550 KB)

I think you should make a person. that would make it a little more exciting than it sounds. You can stick to the basics for now then add a guy later to make it easier on you if you want, but you dont have to.
I think the idea for the guy is very cool though!
Sadly, I cant upload .blend files on my compy, but to me it sounds like a cool game! I will try to view it later on a friends compy.
Keep up the good work, Equal!

Update 0.15:

  • CentersBase has now a Docking-addition(remodelled).
  • CentersBase now rotates slowly.
  • started work on the docking system.It only works if you enter the Docking-place in the CentersBase.It does not support leaving it for now.
  • Added an uglly sun for better orientation.

Oh yeah, i didnt had much time today for Blender, the sun was simply way too nice so i went with my girl to the see instead of sitting pc, was a good idea.
yeah, the idea about the man that can leave the ship is good, i think i will try to implement it to the Game. but this is a btw growing feature, the main focus will stay on Docking and Trading.

In the next Versions i will even try to clean all codes a bit and standardize them,
as well as add a initiatior for all the player specific things and set alots of stuff modular,
like ship that you piloting.

P.S.: Added Screens to first Post.

greets Equal


ST-open.blend (663 KB)

so I assume that between the stations, there will be various pirates and astroids to navigate around? and will you be able to buy weaponry for your ship?

Update 0.25:

  • imporved codes and did them modular.
  • fixed collision.
  • closed the CentersBase entrence, docking will be done somhow other.
  • collored all ships
  • added a Overlay Scene
  • added a begin for the menue ( press I for open/close ).
  • now the Player starts with a random ship, out of 3.
  • added crossair (rly ugly)

Some experiemnt were needed to make this all work and alot of problems happend.
Im very happy that i brought it that far now, but its some good steps away from a nice game. The Coding and the “freaky” collision problems when parenting realy slowed the whole progress.

This was why i had to close the docking station, I will need to implement a kinda gravity simulator so that when the ship gets close it mimics the rotation of the station slowly, and even closer it is the more it rotates like the station.

In the next Steps i will focus to develop a nice invetory system or a simple stats system for the beginning, so that you can see what you bought and how much you can carry.

@curlystraw: ofc there will be a fighting aspect, Enemie Stations, Pirates , Weapons n Hulls/Schilds, different Equipment etc. But first i have to ensure a simply Trade working.
I hope u can wait.

DL Link:

greets Equal

Bad News, i stop working on this project for some time.
The most reason is, that it gets to complex for me and i need more
expiriance to continue.

I will start somthing easier.

greets Equal