Space Viking's - synced top 10 scoreboard[Alpha1.4]

Hello BA! So it where some time sins the last time I created an game so I decided to put some hours in to an simple game, just for the fun of making it.

the game is in some ways similar to flappybird, so it is rly nothing big.

The game is now in alpha and I would need some feedback on it.

It is called “Space Vikings” as you play as an viking in space…

here are some scenes, video will hopefully come soon:

on windows:
I have packed the game in an .rar ,just extract it and run the SpaceVikings.exe
on osx/linux:
no file yet, coming soon.


“Space” to jump
“Enter” to accept menus
“all keys” to type
“Esc” to quit

the games tries to sync the high score to the server, it it fails to do so is saves it locally.

now plz, download the game and beat my high-score, I dare you ;D

download link: ONEDRIVE


ps. sry 4 typos/bad eng^^