Space voyage

Hi all…my new wip work is a spaceship as fighter…
I plan for this ship a scene with war theme…


Nice! I like the details at the engines, only these spiky things at them are a bit out of place, I think. Did you already model the front of the ship?

if the spiky things are narcelles, they need to be wider; they open or close to condense the thrust exhaust. see the back end of reference pics of a jet fighter taking off.

I like the exhaust…I wonder whats the fuel??Nice modeling…

The fuel is probably uranium 235 (fission) or Helium-3 (fusion), while the propellant is probably hydrogen.

Really? From the color spectrum I see that he used, I would think it was radeon-excited plasma from an antimatter muon (weak) interaction. See how it is cyan-colored, and then fades to green as it cools. That color spectra is ONLY visible in exhaust gasses from muons being anhiliated with antimatter. And of course, the only way to control the reaction is inside a radeon plasma field (see CERN wip notes Besides, he needs a LOT of thrust to accellerate the size ship he is modeling, so he made a good choice.

:rolleyes: Heh. Exciting plasmas with computer graphic cards? I’ll have to try that. Not that I found any mention of that in the PDF you supplied. :wink:

Actually I was trying to be serious. I’m the author of the Project Rho atomic rocket web site.

In any event, Genom has a fine spacecraft and a very cool exhaust flare.

Thanks all

Now new progress…little…


Wow. Love the attention to detail man. Can’t wait to see what it’s gonna look like.