Space Wars - A Original Movie

(Daniel) #1

I’ve been in the thinking mood lately, and I want to make this concept into a full-fledged film in Blender 3D. But, to do that, I’ll need a small team of collaborators who can help me after my book series is done and completed, to start the project.

The team I’ll need can do these:

  1. 3D modeling

  2. SoundFX

  3. VFX
    (There’ll be needing one talented special effects artist who can use Blender professionally to make the VFX for the film’s blast fire of ships, troops, and the sabers in the film.)

  4. Voice Acting

  5. Soundtrack

I’ll be animating the whole thing, but I need a collaborator who can do the rigging of the characters for the film. Anyone up for this free, non-profit volunteer job? No fees will be in the finished project, just credited in the ending of the movie.

(El Director) #2

Do you have a script?

(Daniel) #3

No. But, I can work on it after New Year.