Space Whales


Just finished this scene (for now I think). It’s a biomechanoid family of whales who are being chased by whalers. I figure they would live out around heavily populated asteroid belts and feed off of dust, matter and energy.

Had a heck of a time with trying to get my volumetric shader working correctly so I limited it’s use. Used a variety of objects including Blender’s Rock Generator (asteroid preset), The Big Ship Builder, Coral & Creatures Collection, Moon Regolith Shader Pack plus tips and tricks from around the web! Hope you guys like it.

Cheers and stay safe!

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Hi All,

Here’s another angle. C&C welcomed.

Looks great. You would prob have an easier time rendering the volumetrics in Evee on their own as a separate layer and then compositing it back in. You would prob get nearly the same effect with much much faster render time. Otherwise render time and noise would give you a real hard time…