Space Yacht interior criticism needed

My progress: Neo - deco space yacht with interior
I’ve been working on this project for 4 months now and its draining my life as time goes by. It is my brainchild so i want it to be as perfect as possible.

The project is a Space Yacht built under the focus on the Art Deco theme with a futuristic vibe to it, its something like Prey & Somewhat Bioshock, so the interior is my main concern here since i’ve rarely worked on interior design and im still currently learning.

The idea for the ship interior was to not over complicate it with details, panels, technical details… Like some ships are having now ( i.e star citizen ), but instead it will focus on expressing an Art Style, a color palette & material combination that resonate with the rooms it was designed for. But i still have some hard time considering which color to use, how many light source should i have for a space yacht, what color should the lighting be…

Basically, My philosophy for the ship is that it was built for billionaire who bought the ship for its luxury, not for its technical mumbo jumbo ( meaning little to no wiring running across the floor, electrical panel on the wall where he greet guests, a whole bunch of exposed rivets, unnecessary hole that does nothing but collect dust…) So i am looking for critics about the color usage, the decoration, the space allocation more

The bar area, the clear lighting was intentional to show the combination of material, this room was planned to be moody while in dark space

The common area, where people socialize, sit down and have a talk, listen to piano. They can also communicate with a holo communicator room on the right and cook with mini kitchen on the left, the color idea was a bright but also warm

Another view of the bar & hallway & common room, perhaps i could simplify or remove some items to make it clearer ?

Finally the cockpit’s backroom where the captain greet guests

There are WAY more rooms planned for building so i needed to know soon to avoid future mistakes.

Thanks in advance

I’m not a critic, but from my opinion (which may not be worth much) I think you did an excellent job. My modelling skills are far behind yours. You have obviously put a lot of effort into this. So, my opinion is that it looks great, and really couldn’t be much better. That’s my two cents.

You’ve obviously put a lot of work into this. I have a few comments.

  1. Some of the decoration looks out of place. In your first image the screen on the right looks futuristic but deco? The same can be said about the dining tables. They looks futuristic like Zaha Hadid but I don’t see an deco influence.

  2. It seems like you’ve allocated a lot of space for circulation but not much space for seating. For your common area you have only two sofas. A lot of your furniture is built in and sunk into the floor, and I think you could add furniture that is loose. Also think about types of seating groups: small, medium, large. Try to accommodate different types of activities.

  3. The color palette could use less gold and less stone I think people go for the gold as an easy way to make things look expensive, but I don’t think you need to do that, and it detracts from your design.

Overall try to use a different color palette for distinct spaces. If they all blend into each other they can be the same palette but for your last image I really could see that room going green and blue. No red.

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I know you put a lot of work into this and it must have taken a lot of time.

My feeling is that there is a lot of unnecessary detail that causes visual clutter that is distracting from the main theme.

Also, I think you should follow the Art Deco themes more closely and make the decor simple, elegant but not overly tacky. Then add some futuristic details that define the advanced space travel functionality of the “ship”.

This look amazing and I wouldn’t remove a thing!

Rather, I think each shot looks as though it is missing something that could make it come to life. Most pictures of luxury yachts and houses have this; something practical that draws our attention and makes us want to be there.

If this place were real and prepared for guests, what else would there be? It could be a menu, napkins, some more tableware, perhaps a drinks cart. Every cruise ship has also has some “ugly” items that cannot be hidden; a control panel or life vests (emergency oxygen?)

Also I think the windows would look beautiful with some condensation.

To me i ll tell you the truth .how I feel it. It’s too much goldish and there is no place for other colors. So this restricted palette, crunch too much the volume and the no contrast feeling deserve the shape and the geometry.
There is no complementary color that balance the yellow orange tone. A little bit of blue ll make me breathe more.

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