space yahtzee

for some reason my image lost a ton of quality when it saved the rendered file, the fuzziness is NOT from internet quality loss, if anyone knows why it’s doing that please tell me. I was working on making good glass, thanks to all who replied to my thread, and decided I might as well apply it to a die I had made. Then I though up doing a yahtzee “freeze shot”, and then finally for some reason I decided to try it in space and I like the result. Crits please! I will provide blend file if wanted, but I doubt anyone can learn anything from it except possibly how to do glass.

your lights don’t make too much sense for outer space :smiley:

well I need something… I’m not the type who cares about it making sense :smiley: most of my images won’t be “realistic” so I think it’s fine. Besides… I don’t know where to make the light come from without taking away from the focus and doing too much extra work. thanks for criticing!

I received help on the crappy image, I give you the nearly HD image now. This new upload is much bigger, and much better. Enjoy!