Hello everyone!

I have the opportunity to buy a Spacetec Spaceball for my SGI Onyx, whih I mostly use for Blender. What I would like to know is will the Spaceball work with Blender?



hmmm whats a spaceball?

A spaceball is a ball shaped controller. You can translate and rotate objects in all 3 axis at once if you wanted. Have a look at

well it must be possible. but it won’t be so easy to setup I think. there’s a video of someone adding a 3d-glove into blender (in realtime!).

Looks like some sort of trackball to me, but with separate drivers from the mouse interface. I’m using a Logitech cordless Trackman myself, but as a replacement for a mouse ofcourse.

No, its not a trackball. The ball doesn’t move or rotate very far. The harder you twist/push the ball, the faster an object rotates/moves. You don’t need to keep rotating the ball to make things move.

To get back to the original question though, does anyone know how to set Blender up to use a spaceball?



spaceballs? isn’t that a parody about star wars? :slight_smile:

I use Logitech’s (or 3DConnexion’s) CADMan 3d controller (similar, but less expensive/fewer features) for my SolidWorks app, and I love it! I would also love to know if any drivers for blender are or will be available. I have my doubts as to this happening, since it would be Logitech who would have to write them, or at least have an open API so Blender coders could. Since there are so few of us who use these, this is a highly unlikely scenario.

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Far as I know there is no support, or intention to support these. However python is v. flexible and support could possibly be coded.


Hey all -

I have a SpaceBall 5000 and I can try to fiddle around with it a bit (at work) tomorrow. It’ll be Friday, the boss is away, and I’ll be reading papers that I can only read just so much of before my brain goes <SPLAT!>. (with only 3 brain cells left, I guard them better than Ft. Knox)

As for the spaceball with SolidWorks, it takes some getting used to but it is fantastic. The only problem is you get so used to it that when you move to a workstation WITHOUT one, it is like losing a leg - you are slowed down a significant amount. It is a double-edged sword.

I’ll try to make a call at 3dConnexion and see if they offer a SDK and library reference. We might be able to make this work. It would be cool. I’m not horribly well versed in Python yet, and it would take someone more familiar with coding interfaces with Blender to give some assistance. It would be a way cool project tho.

But, that could be ignorance talking. If it looks to be something really really hairy, I think I’d just walk away from it and continue Blenderizing with the trusty ol’ mouse.


Mel Brooks classic. Funny. “It’s not just a spaceship … it’s a transformer!”.

Off-topic, but I simply cannot resist…

SpaceBalls Quote:

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I did not call the 3D-Connexion folks today - Had some issues with a laser that ate the day up in bits-n-bites. Will try Monday.


SpaceBalls, don’t work with blender…

Blender isn’t on the “100+ capatible programs” list.