Spacebase CSC Cyanosphere II

Having learned how to use Blender for a while, I am getting into my first major project - an orbital space base “CSC Cyanosphere II”
The general ideas include:
4.5km long ship, with artificial gravity and city inside
Commercial and economical (no weapons or flashy decorations)
Mainly made of plastic and ceramics
Any suggestions for this first shot of its hangar? far back is still under construction)

YOWZA! thats pretty sweeet!i have 2 suggestions though, blender internal stars dont do your image any good atall, and maybe like a hangar field? anwayz, i will wanna see more of this, keep it coming…

Suggestions: replace those textures with higher-res ones. Also, at the end of the hangar, that blank wall undoes most of your work in the rest of the scene. Give it some detail and maybe move it back a little so we can see more space.

And get rid of the default stars - they look too big and fuzzy.
EDIT: didn’t read iliketosayblah’s post - that’s already been said. Sorry.

Damn good scene though.

hehe its cool evilkillerfiggi

a good method for making stars is to download the nebula script (just do a forum search) and generate some things then edit the material to make nice stars, but if you have trouble with it i could make you one, if ya wanted :wink:

Made some changes, but I am still unable to find a good background image…:frowning:

Something that has a blue gas planet, and hi-resolution. I thought it would be common in wallpaper websites, but not really…

why dont you make a background? planets arent paticularly hard

Found a good background image…

Things to work on:
The orientation of the sun and shadow needs correction
City inside the ship yet to be modelled
Subsurfing the main hull

…anything more?

Now looking into lighting.


Other parts