SpaceBlox v1.0

Hey guys,
I made this demo a while back for a game called SpaceBlox. Its alot like the hit appstore game, Angry Birds, but also very different. So since the player is in space there is zero gravity. Green Objects are the only things affected by gravity. Red objects have 0. You use you A and D keys to move left and right and hold down space bar for how much power you want to fling your ball, in order to beat the stage, both green objects must be touching :slight_smile: SOUNDS CONFUSING BUT REALLY ISNT

Everything was done by me.



It looks nice… i would like to see this completed

Alright. Thanks, I’ll try…hahahaha

I hope this doesn’t use glsl…

It looks interesting. You should probably finish it - it doesn’t look too complex, and it seems like an interesting concept. The goal could be that you need to knock the green cube off of the platform, which is hard because of the layout of the red, ‘no gravity’ blocks.

@Solarlune that is actually a really good idea, wait so no gravity at all or all gravity?

Well, you just said in your first post that the red objects have no gravity, and the green ones have some, right? That’s a good idea right there.

@Solarlune alright thankyou yeah I kind of wanted a no gravity game but I also wanted a physics game so this is what I came up with haha

@zelen3d yes it uses glsl. Why is that bad?

Hey guys just finished sketching a few more levels posting tomarrow. I don’t know if the would be too hard

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