With iptic going down, I ran a search for a new place to put my webpage and found

They offer 100mb free space and no add banners, has anyone any knowledge of them? I don’t want to upload there unless I know this is a ligit deal. If is on the up and up, it may be a good new home for alot of us.

No help

I’d join, but I don’t think that “linking to other sites” should be banned. Also, I’d probably try to make my website really family-unfriendly. (Just call me the Red Dragon. Or the Tooth Fairy. Whichever one you like more.)

Linking to other sites is banned? I’d try to link to the IMDb, Elysiun, Blender, All Movie/Music/Game Guide, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Geocities, and Lycos. %| :expressionless: :o


The family-friendly environment seems demonic. I’d make mine filled with stuff about “Cube,” “Waking Life,” Frank Darabont, and other such stuff, and all those aren’t for families. Unless the family in question is the Osbournes or the Mansons or something.

We need an Iptic thing that allows us to do whatever. Restrictions like family friendliness suck.

i’m going to be the first brave to find out! LOL :wink: give me a couple of days…i mean,my comp is on repair,so i can’t do it right now(this comp i’m using right now is not mine). :smiley:

We need an Iptic thing that allows us to do whatever. Restrictions like family friendliness suck.

Does someone have a decent connection around here? I tried to get a decent DSL connection (384k both ways @ $199/month) but the DSLAN is on the other side of the highway. I’m sure you wonder how I could get a DSL line but can’t afford to keep Iptic up any longer… well… it’s pretty simple. My parents’ business is here in town. I was currently hosting their companies website at $25/month, but they also needed to be able to work from home, and remote conference. So I was thinking how nice it would be to have our own little data center. So if you take the cost they were paying for the exsisting cable connection, plus the cost of the website, then the advantage of the dedicated up/down stream, then I pick up the rest of the expense… we both would have gotten a much better deal for a fraction of the origional price.

Does (or whatever the company name is now) have an office? Does anyone have their own office or business space? If someting could be setup as to where a connection could be paid for. All you would need to do is take a system, toss a decent linux distro on it, then hook it up. From there, somone(s) from the community could be designated system admins (linux gurus). They could log in and further set up the box so that it would need minimal maitenance and work.

Maybe (it would be a heck of a project) could set up a system somehow, then have a community membership yearly fee (much like we origionally did to get blender opensourced) in which you would have a community webspace for being a blender community memeber.

I mean… you all came up with $100,000 in a very short period of time to get blender opensourced. That’s jus the tip of the ice-burg when it comes to the complexity invovled in bringing blender to where it is today. I’m sure the problem with community webspace can be easily solved :wink:

I’m gonna go for it too. I’ll redo my webpage today and see how it goes.

Where the hell do you live Adam??? I live in the backwoods of south Alabama. I don’t get cable TV. I don’t get pizza delivery. NBC and UPN reception is really bad, no WB can be found. I don’t live within any monicipal police jurisdicitons, sherriffs take care of us. I’m in the middle of nowhere, and I get DSL for $41.95/mo, and though they claim more, I get around 500-700k both ways.


I guess I’ll take the risk too, though I’ve never played that “Risk” game, and try it out. What do I have to lose from the bet, aside from lots of time that can be used on more important things?

That a boy cube, i knew you couldn’t resist that much free space.

I’m uploading mine now

it will be:

edit: It’s now up!

It’s up, it’s free and it’s got PHP! Yes! Duffman LIIIKE! Errr… :expressionless: Hehe

It works good.

On the downside, I couldn’t get it to work. I’ll try later. (Hopefully soon. I’ve got an idea of a new signature, but it would require an image or something. Besides, I want to prove to you guys once and for all that I actually do things in Blender.)

i got mine(just the intro and the main page).it’s .thanx for the idea dreams. :smiley: anyway…i’m back and on xp!!! LOL :wink: :smiley:

Cool, hope everyone has a positive experience. :smiley:

how does it not work???
you create your account. you login. you upload an index.html. you goto and there ya go!

I just got an email from the Webmaster asking me if I was using it to remote link stuff. Hmm. Of course I’m not, that’s what Tripod’s for. But be careful, he knows. :wink:

OK, spacecities is a sucky site made by a stupid conartist.

He removed my site without a warning cause I linked to someone else’s site (i.e. it’s the fricking tutorial links!!!). What a loser.

ha ha ha! my page hasn’t been removed(yet)! LOL seems like mine is the only survivor! LOL :wink: :smiley: it’s too bad that you can’t link…anyway,i’ll keeps looking for other servers. :smiley:

gay bitch wont even respond to my emails now…

he didn’t respond to mine either, I started a new account with the same info and reloaded, minus my blender webring thingy.

I signed for an account a few days ago and when I checked today I got a page not found error. I tried some of your sites and the same thing happened.

Well unless it has reappeared since yesterday, (I haven’t checked yet today) spacecities itself seems to have disappeared.