SpaceController 3D Mouse


I have a 3D Mouse from SpaceControl and I want to use it in Blender.
How can I configure Blender that it works with the SpaceController?

I know Connexion has a Plugin for their 3D-Mice that works perfectly with Blender but I have the SpaceController and doesnt want to buy a new 3D-Mouse.

Thanks for replies

The 3dconnexion plugin is no longer required for Blender. Support for 3D mice was added into Blender’s base code in version 2.59.

SpaceControl devices (and SpatialFreedom) devices use different protocols than the more common 3dconnexion devices.
Blender’s Addon system does not lend itself to realtime hardware I/O, so unless support for that protocol is added to Blender’s code, I think you are out of luck.

If you do find a way to make it work with Blender, please let me know so I can add it to the Spacemice Blender Compatibility page.

I wrote with one Space Control developer in mid-april.
He answered me that they maybe can present a solution in summer (its still summer).

So I started set up the Space Controller manually.
It’s not the best solution, for example you can’t rotate and translate at the same time but it works.
Here is my configuration file:

If there is somebody out there who wants to use Blender with the Space Controller
copy the blender-app.cfg file to
Replace “YourUserName" with your user name
and “YourSerialNumber” with your serial number
(normally there is only one folder width a serial number :wink:

I added also some basic Blender hotkeys into the Wheel Function Launcher

Excellent! More 3dmouse support!
Will add this thread and link your video to the website.

3D mouse an input device that allows to move 3D objects on your screen in an easier and more intuitive way than with a 2D mouse. The reason for this is that a 3D controller provides access to three dimensions of motion control: right-left, back-forward, up-down.The SpaceController allows the rotation around each axis so that user have six degrees of freedom under control. The SpaceController is the ideal input device for CAD construction as well as camera movement in GoogleEarthTM.

What do you mean? :confused: