"Spacecraft 3000" -Animation (Simple Characters)

Their is trouble in space when fools like this are flying around.

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avi, 4meg, 40sec
Spacecraft 3000

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Very funny!

Just a couple crits:

The stars that are flying by in the background during the intro and ending are jumpy. It looks like a repeated avi that is not quite long enough.

Also, you should try throwing a spotlight into your scene to cast some shadows. I don’t think some light shadows would take away from your style. Rather, they would add some nice depth.

Good work and thanks for keeping us entertained!

I love these animations, but the sound is really muddy. What are you recording in and applying effects in?

Wu, you get better with every animation! This is very original work–I’m really excited about the possibilities. It would be amazingly cool if you did a short movie :).



:smiley: thanks for taking the time to check it out dewds :smiley:

sketchy- thanks, and thanks for the tips. you are right on about the shadows, i used lamps because they seemed to brighten everything really well, but i couldnt understand why i didnt get shadows, now i know, they will be there next time, and yes you are correct the stars are just a loop of the same avi clip, it was the last thing i did for this animation, and i thought the clip i rendered would be long enough to go over the voice, but didnt work out, but it kind of goes with the hurried/scrachy look, thanks again

jts01- glad you like them, thanks. and yes i agree too about the sound. i went to walmart and just bought the cheapest computer mic they had, and then get the effects off the recorder that is in my windows accessories. i will have to work on the quality, mostly the problem comes from me being too close to the mic, and trying to keep the fiinal render small i usally save the sound clip at the lowest setting, which can get grainy. all things to learn and keep in mind, thanks

block01cube- thanks as always man, i’m excited too, i hope to be making these characters and animations for a long time, people are going to get soo tired of me, ahhaha. i think a short movie will be in the future, but i have so many ideas that i want to get out. these short 1min animations really help to design characters, settings, and learn tons from. so as my animation get smoother i will make them longer, but having a great time, and lots more ideas to come.

i have begun to record the sound for animation number three, but it wil be some time before i can do any characters or animation. but this third one to come is already my favorite, lets just say unattractive man in a bar.
thanks for checking it out guys!!

nice, but as was mentioned the sound was a little noisy. i use audacity for noise removal, and in extreme cases, goldwave.

Wu, I was asking about the sound because there’s a freeware (Windows only, for now) sound studio that you could use to help clean it up and add pretty much any effect you want. It’s basically a full software music studio, but you don’t have to make music with it. It’s excellent for audio manipulation. Check it out, it’s called Jeskola Buzz and you can get it


I’ve used it for years, the interface is a little hard to get used to, but it’s incredibly powerful. The help file that comes with it will help a LOT, so if you get it, read that first. :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately, though, it is only available for Windows machines… :frowning: However, I have heard it can run under WINe pretty well for Linux.


Modron- thanks, and hopfully your animation is coming along too, i look forward to seeing it. also thanks for the software tips, you know every software know to man :stuck_out_tongue: , haha, i still use animation shop for all my .gif animations, thanks man

jts01- awsome man thanks, i really am looking for a software like that not only to clean up the sound, but to also make music, and sound effects. i have searched the internet for sounds and background music, but if all goes as planned when i have lots of these animations and some longer ones i want to put them on dvd and possibly sell them or use them in a portfolio and i dont want to get caught with copyrighted material i would like to make my own stuff, so this is great thanks!

Goodstuff :slight_smile: I hope you make more of these.

Anytime, Wu, let me know what you think of Buzz. :wink: I’ve been using it for years, so if you need help with something in it, drop me a line here and I’ll try to fix ya up. :wink: Have fun!

if you want to make sound effects from scratch, try:

  1. Soundforum Synth ( the notes are played from the keyboard, W being the lowest )
  2. and ‘SawCutter’ , which is a program that processes sounds in a number of ways, and has an on board sequencer.
  3. Taureg 2 is like a watered down ‘Buzz’, but for a beginner to tracking, far less confusing, and it gets the job done, and even has some cool things that Buzz doesn’t have.

I really like this work! And I really like the fact that you “made up” sounds effects with your voice. I disagree with the previous comment about the “non-uniform” star background, because for me that adds to the overall camp of the work.

This reminds me of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I really wish there was more work like this… please keep at it :smiley:

Okay, you won my heart by mentioning that show. :wink: It reminds me a bit of MST3K, also. :wink:


gotta love that startscroller in the beginning.

the animation is fine, but my suggestion is (and I didn’t even try to read ANYthing others replied) that you add some extra motions to the bodies… maybe make the engineer guy turn at least a bit… he could react to what the captain is saying by body motion too…

also, clever camera zooms to the captains head would be nice…

good work, keep going.


Yeah, the scroller is cool - Let’s use some Alpha Channels - Ah, sir - we don’t have any Alpha Channels :D.

I like the humour - and it’s good to see that it works with your weird characters. Great stuff.

…have to check out Buzz, too - sounds interesting and I never heard of it.

:stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

=KH=Lupus- thanks a lot, glad you liked it, and yes i got three more written down to make, and the voices already recorded for #3

jts01- thanks again

Modron- thanks again, i checked out a few of these they look very interesting, i also noticed that the first recorder i used does do better quality sound but the file sizes get larger with each improvement in quality, so i will have to compromise some sound quality for smaller file sizes.

akator- thanks so much man, it kind of embarassing using my own voice i hoped no one would notice, ahah, but it is pretty noticable. i like making these a lot, so i’m very very happy people dig it and would like to see more! that is great news

basse- thanks, i also thought the same about adding more body movement, i will add more to the next one, and i agree about the zoom too, i tried it at the end but it was so quick it wasnt really noticable, thanks for looking and posting, i’m a huge fan of your work

thoro- very funny man, and thanks for the comments, i’m just glad people get my humor, thanks

animation #3 “Larry Lover” will be out on Friday. hope you guys will check it out! and thanks for all the great feed back. i will work to improve, more body movement, shadows, sound quality, and intro titles.

Wu, you did it again! Loved the last one, and this one is even better. Very entertaining stuff :smiley:

In the past I’ve used Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net) for sound editing and found it very good.

You might also want to check out these site for other audio applications:

Also this site (Audio section):

Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


Like I said, it’s an entire studio, it’s very thorough. It’s a bit complicated, at first, but hell, if you can learn Blender or any 3D app, you can learn Buzz in no time. :stuck_out_tongue: Like I said if anyone grabs it and has any questions, there’s a forum on their website or you can PM me and you’ll get answers. Happy Blending AND Buzzing. :wink:

Hey Wu man, this animation is excellent. Fantastic entertainment value.
You’ve got great humour going on there, nice voice acting, your dialog is QUALITY!
I look forward to seeing more.
Re: sound software, I use Audacity too (Windows), it seems to be pretty easy to use to remove noise and apply various other effects.

Thanks Guys

Robertt- thanks so much, it is really nice to hear comments like that. audacity seems to be very popular, i will try to give it a download when i find time. thanks!

Radishimo- thanks a lot man! i’m so happy people like the work because i love to make these animations, and characters, so it is great to hear their is people who like them. and i hope to make tons more, thanks man!

i was acutally thinking if i could get it down i would try and put out a small 1min animation each week, most with different characters and settings each time, like the sunday comics, except it would be a animation instead of a sunday newspaper kind of thing. it would be tons of work, but i might try
i’m glad to see people are still checking it out, it is a really great thing to create something that people enjoy, i hope to make lots more, and hopfully have everyone come back and check it out. THANKS!!