Spacecraft 3000: The Wife! (Animation)

The Captain has been busy away from home, and his wife does not like it one bit! So she calls him up on the “conversator” and lets him know about it!

Spacecraft 3000: “The Wife!”
flash, 2meg
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More animation. I’ve been using flash like crazy and have moved from a normal audio/video editor to flash to edit the rendered scenes.
I spent more time on this animation then any other animation I’ve done yet. I retextured the characters, and the inside set. For some reason this is the most fun animation characters and setting to work on, and I hope to make lots more for this little series.

:smiley: Thanks for check it out, dudes! :smiley:


Purty well done- I’m not a fan of it myself, but it’s obvious some effort went into it. :slight_smile:

Wu, I can always count on you for a good laugh :smiley:
This episode is a good extension of the Spacecraft 3000 miniseries :slight_smile:
There’s no end to where you can take that one, so keep having fun with it and thanks for helping show the lighter side of Blender :wink:
Sounds like your making more progress with Flash too,

Keep up the good work,


Eh heh eheh, very funny dude! That there is one scarey woman!


the jokes are old, but it works well.

make some more!

thanks for taking time to watch! :smiley:

HOSJ- yes lots of effort and time, but time flys when your having fun!

Robertt- thanks a lot for the nice post, i respect your work so it means a lot. i have lots of ideas and see no end in sight which is a great think because i love animating, and yes the more i use flash the more clean and complex i can get the animations, thanks!

Radishimo- thanks for watching, yes angry little woman, somone at work heard my girlfriend being bossy with me and he was joking saying your wife is bossy like mr. spacly from the jetsons show, and i thought that would be funny, have a little female mr. spacely in the spacecraft cartoon.

SamAdam- thanks, glad you thought it was funny, i have lots more ideas for this and other animations so i’m very happy to make more :smiley: . the next animation i want to give more plot to why they are actually in space, it should be funny. thanks

My brothers have always liked the Spacecraft 3000 miniseries, and so do I! Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

Haha, cool stuff, Wu! I like this ‘conversator’, that’s what I call an elegant device - Bing bong - mipmipmipmip - dudeludeluuut!

By the way, I knew you would become a flasher someday :D.

Thanks Guys!

Arr Matey!!- love the new name, keep it. and thanks for the nice post, i’m very happy to hear you and your brothers dig it, i will surly make more, thanks!

thoro- your posts are always hilarious, flash is a great program and is in my opinion the best for showing animation on the web, but i know you ment flashing as in well, cant say i’m into that…yet, haha, thanks for posting, i always appreciate it!

More great stuff :slight_smile: I think my favourite part is the sound effect for the ‘conversator’

“woowooohoowoowoohoopip” :smiley:

So what happens in the next expisode? Does he head home to his wife but gets held up? Or does she come looking for him?..<plays Darth Vader them music>