Spacecraft animation project

This is a project that I have already put a couple of weekends of spare time into. The idea is to build the models and animate a sequence that shows a shuttle leaving Earth and then docking with the main ship. The Discovery II then departs from Earth orbit. It’s not an ambitious project as animations go but then I am a beginner with animation. I’ve done a lot of modelling in Blender, selling models online since 1990, but I never did any proper animation.

So here’s the reconfigurable explorer ship, Discovery II. First images shows her with no modules attached, the second shows a set of passenger modules mounted on the standard carriage mounts.

I will be posting some more details about the model and more images, as I get stuck in to the project again this weekend.

Here is another image, this time with a full set of cargo and passenger modules attached. This is how the ship might look when being used as a commercial transport. In the story the ship is for it can be hard to come by charter customers for exploration missions so the ship can function as a transport to continue generating revenue for the owner while waiting for the missions he loves best. I switched cameras to give a good view of the rear section of the ship.